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Where does it ship from?

Your order will dispatch from our warehouse in the UK. ‍

If you order a Jaiden Anime Figure and Vinyl Record to a United States delivery address, this item will dispatch from our warehouse in Arizona, US. 

(‍If you order a Figure and Vinyl Record to a delivery address elsewhere in the world, this item will dispatch from our warehouse in the UK.)

If you live outside of the UK, please note that additional Customs/Duty charges may be incurred when the item enters your country. These fees will vary depending on your location. By purchasing from our store you accept the responsibility to pay any such charges. 


Why can I only buy one? I WANT MORE! 

Due to certain shipping restrictions on the item, only one can be purchased at a time (this also helps to stop scalping). If you would like to order more than one figurine, you can repeat the order and checkout again as many times as you like.

I can pay in instalments? What is Shop Pay?

Our store is operated through Shopify. Shop Pay is Shopify’s own payment solution that is used and trusted by thousands of stores over the world. By using Shop Pay, you can either pay for your order all in one, or split it over time into equal payments with a low rate of APR. For more info on Shop Pay and paying in instalments, see here:


Does the figurine move?

‍Whilst the figurine has many fine details, it does not move. It is intended for display purposes only.

What type of turntable do I need to play the vinyl record?

The vinyl record is a 7-inch vinyl. This will fit on any standard vinyl player but to play at the correct speed, the vinyl player will have to have adjustable speed, or a speed setting of 45 rpm. 


I received my Figurine but I can't see the vinyl or stickers. Are they shipping to me separately

The vinyl and cards are included with the Figurine in the same shipment, neatly hidden behind the backing cardboard. 

Please open your box, carefully remove the figurine and surrounding packaging, and really give a good check around each side of the cardboard to make sure they havn't been overlooked. 

If you still can't locate the vinyl and/or stickers, please email for further assistance.


Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order anytime before you receive a shipping confirmation. Please email for assistance. ‍


I made a mistake with my delivery address, can I make a change?

If your order has not yet shipped, our Customer Support team may be able to amend your order in time. Please email as soon as possible. ‍

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